Environmental and Climate Literacy – The Caribbean is Taking Action

Photo Credit: St. Kitts Tourism Authority  As the world pauses to celebrate Earth Day today, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is pleased to declare its support for actions that make a difference. It is no secret that the very foundation of Caribbean tourism is our unparalleled natural environment; one that is rich in biodiversity, is … Continue reading Environmental and Climate Literacy – The Caribbean is Taking Action

What’s Your Caribbean Adventure Story?

Photo Courtesy: Saint Lucia Tourist Board This is a short discussion about adventure of various kinds. If you consider yourself even slightly adventurous, read on! Whether on land or at sea, the Caribbean is viewed as a popular  tropical playground to many. Of course playgrounds are the home of adventures, but I hasten to add … Continue reading What’s Your Caribbean Adventure Story?

Caribbean Brand Champions

A former secretary general of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and one of the most brilliant marketing minds of the Caribbean, Vincent Vanderpool- Wallace, used to describe the Caribbean as the world’s best-known, unowned brand. I believe he felt that as familiar as the world was with the name Caribbean, someone still needed to take charge … Continue reading Caribbean Brand Champions