Hugh Riley

What’s Your Caribbean Adventure Story?

Photo Courtesy: Saint Lucia Tourist Board

Photo Courtesy: Saint Lucia Tourist Board

This is a short discussion about adventure of various kinds. If you consider yourself even slightly adventurous, read on!

Whether on land or at sea, the Caribbean is viewed as a popular  tropical playground to many. Of course playgrounds are the home of adventures, but I hasten to add that in order to be sensible and totally inclusive, we are deliberately using the broadest possible definition of adventure: any exciting or unusual experience can qualify. Just last week I invited a dozen friends to get together and arrange a private tour of an amazing facility in one of our Caribbean countries. None of us has ever done this particular tour before, so for us it is unusual and we know for sure it will be exciting. More on that later!

There are countless types of adventures for locals and visitors throughout the region, and no two are exactly the same. The plan therefore, is to look at who we are, what we have and what we’re willing to share with each other. That in itself is an adventure!

Following the success of last year’s Year of Romance the Caribbean Tourism Organization has declared 2017 the Year of Adventure in the Caribbean. Adventure links directly with the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development declared by the United Nations and allows us to twin adventure with sustainability. This year, we encourage all Caribbeans and visitors to join us in celebrating everything from adrenaline-pumping active pursuits to local culture and casually sampling culinary experiences unique to a specific CTO destination.

The 2017 Caribbean Year of Adventure will be promoted through social media and traditional media channels and will create opportunities for anyone to share their experiences and ideas of an adventure-filled Caribbean vacation with us throughout the year, starting immediately.  We have adopted the hashtag #CaribbeanAdventure and encourage you to use it when posting images and videos via social media networks. If you prefer to email us, please contact us at

While each Caribbean destination is unique and inviting in its own right, fun is the common denominator, no matter how laid back or how exhilarating the particular adventure may be.

We know our visitors will get involved. There is a general belief that people have most of their truly adventurous experiences away from home. We agree, but locals are adventurous too, so we want to hear from the creators and the discoverers of local adventure as well.

The Year of Adventure is a theme which can easily be embraced by all CTO member destinations 365 days a year.

Throughout 2017, share your adventure stories with us in any of the following areas: