Amazing what the right tools will do

Last year the Caribbean welcomed over 29 million overnight visitors. Naturally, they came from a variety of different backgrounds and possessed all kinds of interesting characteristics, but they all had one thing in common: They experienced the pleasures of Caribbean. What a goldmine of valuable information tourism planners would have if they could collect specific … Continue reading Amazing what the right tools will do

Talk about Caribbean Adventure!! Meet Emily Kydd.

If you thought the Caribbean was mostly about sun, sand, and sea experiences, this blog post will knock your socks off. Although the Caribbean is a relatively small region, we have a huge list of exhilarating activities that will thrill and excite you again and again. In a previous post I mentioned that 2017 is … Continue reading Talk about Caribbean Adventure!! Meet Emily Kydd.

Caribbean Tourism Breaks New Ground

If you haven’t heard by now, the numbers are in! Caribbean tourism continues to break new ground, surpassing 29 million arrivals for the first time in our history and once again we have grown faster than the global average. Despite political uncertainties, security and economic challenges in our main source markets, tourist arrivals to the … Continue reading Caribbean Tourism Breaks New Ground

What’s Your Caribbean Adventure Story?

Photo Courtesy: Saint Lucia Tourist Board This is a short discussion about adventure of various kinds. If you consider yourself even slightly adventurous, read on! Whether on land or at sea, the Caribbean is viewed as a popular  tropical playground to many. Of course playgrounds are the home of adventures, but I hasten to add … Continue reading What’s Your Caribbean Adventure Story?

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Who knows what this means?

Depending upon where you are in the world, the New Year might be viewed with hope, optimism, or downright trepidation. If you’re in travel and tourism, you’re probably optimistic. We certainly are. Here are some thoughts about the much-touted sustainable development goals; a way to create a future our children can depend on. The UN … Continue reading Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Who knows what this means?

Who needs a Travel Agent?

Depending upon whom you ask, the answer might be “Everyone!” Travel agents, now often described as travel advisors or travel professionals, were until recently a group considered to be on the endangered species list. They were increasing in age, decreasing in numbers and giving way to an assortment of technological and behavioral changes dictating how … Continue reading Who needs a Travel Agent?

What does a Trump Presidency mean for Caribbean Tourism?

So, it’s official. Donald Trump won the presidency. His victory over Hillary Clinton in the United States’ presidential election was surprising to many and sent ripples around the world. Despite his extensive background in business and hospitality, Mr. Trump’s win has generated some uncertainty from tourism industry leaders and influencers virtually everywhere. Global stock markets … Continue reading What does a Trump Presidency mean for Caribbean Tourism?